Set of 5 mixed fabric pyramid small sewing weights, pattern weights for sewing, seamstress accessories, sewing room gift.


These make life so much easier! What do you use them for you ask?  When dressmaking use them to hold patterns in place without damaging the pattern pieces or fabric. Or you can use them to hold down applique paper when using applique patterns.  Or papers on your desk?

Each weight is filled with rice and lavender flowers, making the weights smell fab. There is a small amount of ladder stitching to close the opening after weights are filled. The ribbon tag allows you to adjust position of weight without moving what is underneath.

Made from 100% cotton. This fabric originates in South Africa and is called Shweshwe. I just love the distinctive colours and patterning on these fabrics.


Weights may be a choking hazard for young children and household pets. Please do not allow young children or pets to play with these weights as they are not meant to be thrown around. They may burst open and expose rice if mishandled repeatedly.


Pattern Weights

SKU: EM 004
  • Dimensions:

    Height- 7cm 
    Base sides - 8cm and 9cm 
    (All measurement may be a few mm's different as each item is handmade)

    Weight – each weigh approx 55g.

    .(Please note that all fabric colours may differ slightly from the pictures but we do try to get them as accurate as possible)

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