Gorgeous 100% recycled glass lamps. Words that spring to mind - beautifil, organic, tactile, versatile, practical.


We love supporting this company as they are very eco-conscious. The glass is recycled in Spain and the paints used in the coloured glass are plant based,  some organic. The fittings are sourced within the UK and the cork stoppers are from sustainable forests in Portugal. The lamps are imported by train or sea where possible, keeping road vehicle miles to a minimum. 


These unusual lamps come with a variety of cotton braided flex colours and pre-wired plugs.  If you want to order a custom design  that offers a choice of lamp, colour glass and flex option please email us and we will get your lamp custom made.  There will be a lead time on delivery.


Recycle, reuse, rejoice !  Eco conscious products to support and enjoy !


The shade is handmade by Eve & Me.

Height - 57cm

width of shade - 39cm

Recycled glass lamp with Harlequin shade

SKU: EM124